Klef Notes


Welcome to my comfy online office where I write from Notes to Note and enjoy my two loves – MUSIC and WRITING. 

As you open the door, you are greeted by my German Shephard and you’ll see many pieces from around our globe – a Persian rug in the middle of the floor, an antique English oak wooden desk neatly organized atop with all of my tools and instruments, incense burning from the islands, many electronics, first edition books of John Keats, Maya Angelou, Lord Byron, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Edgar Allan Poe shelved between vinyl records of Marvin Gaye, U2, Sting, Prince, The Temptations, The Beatles, Chaka Khan, and Roy Orbison.  Next you will see an American Coca-Cola on the window seal and a pair of Nikes and Jimmy Choo shoes in the corner.

This page is to inform, entertain, advise, and/or to just talk to artists as well as their audiences and other entertainers.  I may write an article about a concert or music event I have attended; comment on a video I was just asked to review on You Tube; give a review of an album I just listened to recently (or years ago and I now just got a NEW vibe from it as that often happens); give my opinion on a single cut; or, just share my thoughts on something new and exciting in this big world of music on my blog.  I touch on artists from major labels to Indies, Rock N Roll to Rap, Christian to Classical, and all in between.   I may even throw in a literary essay or two.

I WILL NOT review music within the genres of Ritualistic, Cult, Black Ritual Ambient, Horror Punk, Death Rock, Goth, and/or Satanic Black Metal or songs that contain those elements therein - the same policy applies to music/songs that degrades or criticizes someone's religion, race, sex, gender preference, or background.

And, I choose not to review Holiday music as that genre of music has been written about in so many ways, by so many individuals, both online and in print for decades - I mean, what else can be said??

Trust me, I am too selfish when it comes to my thoughts, so all words from me are mine ONLY!

I also post on my social media platforms when something really moves me –

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Sit back, relax, ponder, and listen to some Browsing Music of various artists as you read an interesting Article or a Music Review.  Reply or comment if you dare!!!! (just joking) - I really want to hear from you. 

I’d like to think creativity takes partners in crime to accomplish – be mine.  Again welcome!