Klef Notes


Klef Notes - Writing from notes to note . . .

This is me - Lakisha (KiKi)Heylo, I’m KiKi Skinner!  I am a too honest music journalist, songwriter, ASCAP member, essayist who graduated with honors from Towson University in Maryland (USA) as an English Writer grad.  I am also ½ of the Alternative Pop songwriting duo TK Skinner who I share with my Fabulous, DIVA, eldest (and only) sister Tonya. 

I don't play a musical instrument, as my instruments are my mind, hands, a sharpened (wooden) #2 pencil, and a smooth pen – that is what I create with. 

I fancy writing whatever I want, when I want, about music and all of its wonderful intricate loves and hates.  In addition, I own the copyrights to every written piece on this site.  

Why the name Klef Notes, you might ask?  Well, I combined two aides that have helped me in music and college – the Clef (wow, songwriting and studio sessions cannot be complete without this little buddy) and CliffsNotes that little yellow book that was my literary friend while in college shoveling through pages of Chaucer (in Middle English) and Christopher Marlowe’s “Dr. Faustus.”  Today, music and writing are still my best pals, hence “Klef Notes” – I spelled it with a “K” to make it personal!  

Besos KiKi