Klef Notes

Indie Music Connex

  • ASCAP  (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) - Get those SMOKIN songs registered and protected guys with one of the top PRO's (Performing Rights Organization) in the industry! www.ascap.com
  • CHATSONG - An awesome site for indie musicians, singer, bands to get their music to radio, record companies, and fans chatsong.nl
  • Ally's Attic Show - A fab platform for artists of any genre, non profit & humanitarian hosted by Ally Anderson.  www.allysatticshow.com
  • Ghostly Beard - The mysterious, creative, talent behind "Infinite" and "Invisible," two music collections that are re-shaping Indie Music.  Ghostly Beard promotes, supports, and respects his fellow Indie Music Creators. www.ghostlybeard.com
  • Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine & SMC SPOTLIGHT - An online music magazine and platform that globally supports and puts the spotlight on artists and their creations.  www.starlightmusicchronicles.com
  • Music Hour UK - A internationally recognized Indie Music promotion site geared to aiding Music Creators at being their best and featuring their music weekly on Twitter under the #MusicHourUK (Mon. at 7-8 PM, Tues. and Thurs. at 8-9 PM UK time).  You cannot get any better than this! musichour.uk
  • Limehead Radio - An online radio affiliate of Music Hour UK equally pressed to help UNSIGNED artists reach their goals www.limeheadradio.co.uk.  Make sure to peep #VIRAL on Twitter w/ Limehead Radio and Music Hour UK every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm UK time - #MusicHourUK / @MusicHourUK
  • @UnsignedHour - A free promotional tool in connection w/ EGH Radio for Indie Artists to promote their music, EP's, albums, tours, etc.  It all happens every Friday on Twitter between 8-9 PM (UK time) - simply place #UnsignedHour in your Tweets.  www.unsignedhour.com.

  • Music Interview Magazine - A music magazine that does interviews for up and coming as well as established artists to help empower their creative journey and their fans.  www.musicinterviewmagazine.com

  • Tonya Skinner - An ASCAP singer/songwriter/musician, and also my big sister, Tonya is 1/2 of the Dominant Duo TK Skinner, she offers songs to Indie Music Artists via her music publishing company Jose Flower Music - so, if you are in need of songs, give her a shout on Twitter @TonyaSkinner2
  • Fresh Unsigned - An online radio show playing the best new music and unsigned artists from the UK and World. www.freshunsigned.net.
  • EGH Radio - EGH Radio plays the best unsigned artist's music and they also do interviews and have an interactive chat 24 hours a day. http://www.eghradio.com/
  • Indie Music Bus - a small team of very passionate music lovers who are all about independent music promotion! https://indiemusicbus.com/
  • Music Talks - stop by this beautiful diva's BLOG to discover new music.  Talented and precise, Tracey Arbon knows what she's talking about. www.musictalks.xyz