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Barbara Borgelin “I Need More of You” (Soft-Rock) Denmark


That this song ‘had me at one riff!


John Kruth "Forever Ago"


Experience a journey put to music!


DAVI "You Got Me Wantin You" EP


DAVI is proof that dreams do come true with hard work!  


The Million Reasons “Battle of Sound” (Rock) Chicago, Illinois USA


A modern Rock-Pop track that has some Soulful elements and a lot of heat!


Jambrains "Faded Dreams"


An EP that invites change!


Tracy Colletto “Patmos” (Folk Pop) USA


Reawakening the senses!


Ghostly Beard “Wasted and Thrown” (Classic rock / Blues Rock waltz) Montreal, Canada


An adaptable artist!


No Fixed idENTITY “123 Come Play with Me” (Leeds, UK)


That curiosity, inquisition, and wonder!


Barbara Borgelin “This is the Moment” (Soft-Rock / Soul) Denmark


Worth its “weight” in gold!


The Real Ink “Boi” (Funk, Punk, Rock, and Ska) Manchester


Leaves you hanging, then picks you back up again!


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