Klef Notes

Music Reviews

Explicare “Kyoto Sunrise” (Dark Alternative) London


A Dark Alternative Power Ballad showcasing a romantic appetite as unique as a sunrise in the afternoon!


Micayl “MONOCHROME” (Alt. Soul) Liverpool, England


A modern track that puts you in DECOMPRESS mode!


Katey Brooks’ “Revolute”


An album that gives anyone the permission to just BE!


Colour of the Jungle “Steel Tray” (Alt. Rock) Portsmouth, England


One Gritty track that has cement shoes!


Raised on TV “Soul on Fire” (Alt. Rock) Los Angeles, CA. USA


Get ready for a song with loads of vocal and instrumental levers to pull!


Jayna Jennings “The Blue” (Blues/Pop Rock/Country) Tennessee/Georgia USA


Music from the Scarlet Chanteuse of Indie Music!


Gerhardt Music “Edge of Time” (Folk) Scandinavia


Soul-enveloping music coming out of Northern Europe!


Jon Magnusson "This is All it Takes"


A kaleidoscopic collection of mind-blowing instrumental music!


NORPHLET “Stillbloom” (Rock) Texas / California, USA


A duo adding their own fingerprint to the glass of ROCK!


GG Fearn "Black Mirror" EP


An EP that can appease the masses with hit-worthy tracks!


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