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Barbara Borgelin “Forbidden Love” (Indie Rock / Soft Rock) Denmark

As humans, by nature, we usually long for whatever is not ours to have; and, that longing is coupled with the challenge to gain, because it makes us feel stronger and more powerful.  And in some cases, that desire makes us feel more virtuous – especially when it comes to love!  

Barbara Borgelin, a successful singer/songwriter and artist known to pen songs that treat matters of the heart and soul with passion and purpose, has just released “Forbidden Love” – a sophisticated song that describes this exact viewpoint – the lyrics sing:  Can't think of anything else but you, you, you / And I know so well I'm not supposed to / Can't get my  mind on anything else but you, you, you / Forbidden love / Forbidden love / There is nothing like stolen fruit

Borgelin executes her leads in a temptingly fashion with cautious drags and inquisitive backing vocals.  The manner in which she runs her leads with unrestraint and a quick pace, cleverly demonstrates that guarded, yet curious, feeling one has when they are in pursuit of forbidden love.  And even though every instrument supports this romantic balladeer’s vocal melody, those active guitars, and that sumptuous bassline, just adds the right touch of exhilaration.  Very much like Salsa, this is music for movement.  This song has the rose and the thorns.  Just one listen, and “Forbidden Love” will stick to you like a lover’s tattoo. 

Make sure to play it, download it, and buy it on all of your favorite platforms, including Tidal, right here!





You are so welcome Barbara. You always bring good music to the masses. Muah!
Thanks so much for your lovely review of my new release!

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