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Barbara Borgelin “Woman Shine” Denmark

When a song features a snazzy beat and a sly stimulating lead, the only thing one needs to do is add their favorite dance moves to make it complete.  Right here, right now, Barbara Borgelin’s “Woman Shine” mixes up all of those elements and finishes with a fully sewn up track about female respect and adornment.  The lyrics sing:  What do you do to make your woman shine? / What do you do to make her feel fine? / Living with you is too much about you / Try to see her, try something new! / Make your woman shine . . . It’s your job to make her feel fine!  This Jazzy Adult-Contemporary mid-tempo track includes a Modern command to its beat along with elements of Swing and Blues.  Borgelin’s vocal attitude adds passion, pleasure, and practicality. 

“Woman Shine” is the fourth single to drop this year and it doubly showcases Borgelin’s mastery in writing and composing music that relates to everyone. 

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Such a wonderful review. Barbara truly shines on this track - one of the best songs until now . Looking forward to more music from my dear danish friend <3
Thanks so much for your lovely review!

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