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Captain Sib - The Dream Commander

Captain Sib is what many Indie Rock artists aspire to become – a very forward-thinking artist who would rather present themselves as different, than standing in the shadows of their competitors. 

Captain Sib took a different direction with this EP and has soared above his competitors and classmen with “The Dream Commander” – a sort of galactic trajectory in music where melodies, instruments, and FX all come from odd sources but collectively join storylines that resonate with all practical forms of living. 

The Dream Commander by Captain Sib – 13 tracks:

  1. Circuit X
  2. Moon Visions
  3. King of Concrete
  4. Stars
  5. Miracles Wait
  6. Breather
  7. The Dream Commander
  8. Warriors of Wasteland
  9. Four Walls
  10. Auto Enforcer
  11. Down by The Docks
  12. The Frantic Caller
  13. Fog

A more advanced album than its predecessors, I chose to pull out the seven tracks that gives Captain Sib’s audience a bird’s eye view into the opposite side of what we know as Captain Sib. 

The first track “Circuit X” literally welcomes you into the world of the Captain.

Starting with a movie-pulled dialogue, “Circuit X” features floating synths and angular guitars that catapults its listeners into basically a prelude, of sorts, for what you are about to witness musically in this EP.  This track builds that four-wall sound you are craving with Electronic music. 

And if you are an Electronic music fan who digs ballads, then “Moon Visions” is your song.  This SynthPop ballad is posh in its melodic structure and features a steady drumline that supports that classic hook that sings “those m-m-m-m-m-m-moon visions” and keeps you glued to the speaker in hopes of the song’s characters finally meeting up. 

King of Concrete” offers a wonderful premise to what evolves into a splendid Rock track by allowing seamless guitars to start the song.  In comes full chorused leads that echo like dream memories.  This production technique really does kind of sneak you into the track where you do not want to leave.  In addition, the music leads this track and allows for listener-pondering.  The premise of the song illustrates living your best life in full power of your domain.

Classic hand-clap effects usher you into the 4th track entitled “Stars.”  Captain Sib’s signature dual vocal helps to apply a tapestry to a minimally effected track.  “Stars” feature subtle leads mixed with very upbuilding, quicker paced, hooks that incorporate synthed bells and a driven melody.  A good Alternative Rock song that shows how acknowledging your own star power is all that is needed to reach the stars and beyond.  Stars is full of surprises.

“In all of your dreams … he never hesitates,” are two lyrical lines that comes off of one of my favorites on the EP – “The Dream Commander.”   And honestly, this track does not hesitate when it comes to the little things making a HUGE sound.  At first listen, you hear predominantly a 1980s homage to dance music, but when you take a second listen, you begin to hear pulsating bass lines and synth soundscapes that feature a modern command to the beat which continuously spring forward and draw back while maintaining a steady threading tempo.  This commercially-ready track gives you that “wait for it, wait for it, now leap” feeling when you fancy your ears to its production.  Even the synths actually electronically sing “the dream commander” in the chorus’ melody – listen – it follows the last vocal line of the chorus.  Hear it?  This track right here is a superbly 1980s and Millennium fusion of timeless talent packaged into four minutes.

Warriors of a Wasteland” is that mid-tempo track that grows into a monster.  Imagine an artist strumming his guitar seated on a pier and singing his realism into dreams, and then suddenly your eyes become fixed on his thoughts that soon develop from simple to mega – that is what the eighth track rouses.  And what delivers a big punch to this effect is that ah-some guitar workout that is turning fire from yellow to blue on this track.  “Warriors of a Wasteland” tackles the issues of turning lemons into lemonade, so to speak, when it comes to our world – being warriors and fighting for that beam of light that we all deserve without limits.  With a climbing bridge that includes piped-up guitars and out of this world synths hugging an infectious hook, this track is very thought-provoking. 

Closing the EP is “Down by the Docks” – an Alternative Rock ballad with more of an acoustic feel.  The lyrics refer to soul mates completing each other’s lives.  Featuring a David Bowie-worthy second tenor vocal that is laced with a modern take on the psychedelic smoke and mirrors effect, “Down by the Docks” makes you sway and smile.  As the lyrics sing, “when you’ve got nothing, you have nothing to let go . . . you know in time, it’ll be all right.”   The song ends with a simple bass drum, hi-hat, and piano.  It is as if the movie has gone off and the credits are about to roll.

After listening to "The Dream Commander" in its entirety, I kept thinking of how there are plenty of bands and artists who tout that they are the highlight of the genre by continually evolving with soundscapes, collaborations, and modern effects, but what Captain Sib has done with “The Dream Commander” is establish himself as a prelude to the future of the genre – he’s about three steps ahead, similar to David Bowie whose music was within a genre but he always seemed to surprise the masses by doing the “un-normal” and not just evolve.

Like the dark side of the moon, artists like Bowie and Captain Sib continue to remain a mystery - creating collections of music that keeps the element of surprise that just keeps you guessing and interested. 

Now while there will always be only one Bowie, Captain Sib is closely a respected protégé as he is alchemizing the indie music Alternative realm by embracing difference while kind of redefining what makes being different in music an asset instead of a defect.

“The Dream Commander” doesn’t just deliver a poem with melody but takes it a step further and depicts a story glued to a different angle – it’s not only songwriting and instrumentation, but also architecture building new ideas into old philosophies within song.  It is inventive and explorative.  It's turning dreams and moments into movies.

In short, from the writing, the concept, the overall production and execution, “The Dream Commander” is stylishly different and purposefully meaningful. 

This is your invitation to discover this collection – no need to RSVP, just listen and dream.

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Thank you Iain. Captain Sib is the type of artist that the masses really crave to hear today - so interesting and different. It is artist like you that makes Klef Notes the Indie Music hub that it is today. Muah!
We are flattered by this stunning, and somewhat sexy, write up review on our latest works. We tip our hats to your understanding of our music and your talent at putting it all into words. We thank you for your time and love. Peace to you Kiki x

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