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Collateral “Midnight Queen” (Country Rock) UK

It is no secret, Americans love their Rock music.  And, we do not care if it is coming from our roots here in the USA or from our sister country England, if that Rock Music puts the metal to the blood, we will give a hoo-rah! 

Well, guys, here’s a Hoo-rah!!! 

I have been treated with that type of Rock music by a band hailing from the UK called Collateral (formally The Angelo Tristan Band).  They are giving us music that elevates, expands, and blows your mind.  

Collateral’s newest release off Roulette Media is entitled “Midnight Queen” and it’s a little bit of Country and a whole lot of Rock and I love it! 

The lyrical theme of “Midnight Queen” speaks about a femme fatal that makes an impression on her male observer with her “slow motion walk” and teasing tresses – and that is not all the gifts she’s got – this woman rules the midnight with pride, rebelliousness, and sex appeal making her a “Midnight Queen.”  

And while the serious lyrics that spell out this theme alone makes for a song that will be a well-received Global hit, it’s Collateral’s execution and music expertise that is setting “Midnight Queen” up to become a mainstream chart fixture. 

Collectively, this track holds wild guitars, weighty drums, and a Jon Bon Jovi meets Steven Tyler vocal prowess.  And if that is not enough, at the two minute / forty-five second mark (three minute / four second mark on video), get ready for a metallic spinal tap from a Slash-worthy guitar solo that leads into the outro with the front-man killing it with those drop dead gorgeous vocals. 

Mastered by Grammy nominee Robin Shmittz, “Midnight Queen” drops today 5/11/18. 

So, guys?  Guys?  I am serious, you do not want to miss this train – stop staring and come aboard! 

And as a bonus, you may get to see the guys perform live as they are headlining at “Nightclub Kolis” (The Lounge) in Camden on May 12th, so you can check the guys out – just promise not to fall in love! 

“Lights out” guys!






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