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Elephant State: I Presidenti (The Presidents) UK/Italy

Elephant State:  I Presidenti (The Presidents) UK/Italy 

How many times do you hear a current Dance track that has all of the right counterpoints between instrumentation, the digital, timing, and beats with everything falling into place like when a magnet pulls in steel?  Rarely!  Well, count this as one of those rare times when you actually DO get to hear all kinds of RIGHT! 

Elephant State, one of the bands stepping off of the cuff of Iced Note Music, is doing for Electronic Dance Music what “The Matrix” did for the movie industry back in 1999 – it is changing things up and leaving some heavy footprints in the arena of EDM.  And they are achieving this spot-on rhythmic adaptation with their recent release “I Presidenti,” a heavily Rock infused musical mind-bender that lightly touches on the topic of the global political atmosphere and the social causes and effects of those in power.  Featuring a walking in your dreams type of synth vocalization that marries well with layers of up-to-the-second amplified distorted guitar riffs, modern electronic keys, odd tone effects, and global percussions, the power of this cut is felt from miles away with no monotony. 

From Italy to Illinois, Arabia to Anchorage, and from Miami to Mexico, all will be able to find their ethnic rhythm and dance to this track.  So, keep up with the heard by going to https://elephantstate.bandcamp.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6MKxr7WtJIxb-lXsL9cfjA because 2018 will bring more songs from Elephant State.  In addition, go to www.IcedNote.com to read more about the band.



Wow... thanks Kiki for this amazing review, most unexpected and very much appreciated by all of us here at Iced Note Music. Thank you so much.

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