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Forge the Rubicon - "My Turn" (Single)

Forge the Rubicon: “My Turn”

Do you know the feeling you get when someone says “now close your eyes, take a deep breath, step forward, take that risk?” well that is what “My Turn” evokes musically – that confidence and determination to take that turn and start new.  A fresh sound coming out of Florida USA and heading straight for global footing, “My Turn” is the hot new single from Forge the Rubicon.  With a seductive breathy vocal, Luis Gomez sing’s “It’s my turn to turn away” lyrically touching on the subject of love ending.  Even though "My Turn" is a heartfelt power ballad, it is also DJ and club-ready packed with modern synths, muted percussions, an echoed bassline, and syncopated rhythms that will keep you moving.  Finally, an EDM fusion track with Rock elements done right.  To watch the lyrical video, go to:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHWGUuiItWE.  In addition, follow them on Facebook www.facebook.com/forgetherubicon and Twitter @ForgeTheRubicon.



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