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Franchise “Diesel Lullaby” Pop (Miami, USA)

Remember the rhythmic pulse P.M. Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” gave to the masses that summer in 1999?  That smokin mind trip that just made you go “ah, yeah, that’s my song?”  Well, that’s what Franchise accomplishes with his latest single “Diesel Lullaby” – that perfect blend of Pop/R&B and Hip-Hop that often goes missing today in music. 

Never has a song about a broken heart been so darn addictive, and it first starts with the voice of Miami-based singer/songwriter/producer Franchise.  

A great way to explain Franchise’s hypnotic voice would be to think about if one could combine Marc Anthony with Michael Jackson.  And I am not just saying this, no, it is all in that textured, seasoned, functional, tenor/second tenor and how the artist can wield that instrument to do what he needs it to without sacrificing the sound or effect.  He goes there!  You can hear the lower registers, the soaring octaves, and the relaxed leads. Franchise’s harmonies are wonderfully romantic, but powerful; it is experience tempered with romance. 

Different than most ballads today, “Diesel Lullaby” does not sadden you or wreck your heart.  In contrast, it tells the story of a broken heart with a tempo that confirms a sense of hope and moving on.  The way “Diesel Lullaby” was produced and executed, it allows for this romantic ballad to forcefully place you in a trance with an affectionate hook that is constructed on harmonies and blended focused vocals.  The poetic rhyme scheme is amazing.  

The entire track builds as it moves along while being supported by a military drum cadence that equally illustrates the love warrior who is singing his heart out lamenting, “I am a victim of love, loving a heart of stone.” 

“Diesel Lullaby” is a Pop track, but there are so many blended elements – for instance, the R&B synths, underlying Hip-Hop drum line, and modern FX.  These all come together to sweep you off your feet while making you root for the heartbroken and riot for the heartbreaker. 

“Diesel Lullaby” released yesterday, so I suggest you hurry to buy or stream a song that is going to fuel its way to the top of the charts.

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I heard this track and it left me thinking, "Whoa, this is nice!" We've all been there, screwed over by someone else, but we pick up our pieces and move on. This song resonates with anyone that's been in love.

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