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Ghostly Beard “Papercut” (Pop) Montreal

Much like Peter Gabriel, Ghostly Beard is always flipping the cards on the table to give us something we least expect but fall in love with quickly.  Just released today, “Papercut” is a song that illustrates the harmless approach of love and the little things about this emotion that cuts so deep.  Like a papercut, literally, affection and its byproducts appear almost non-existent until you recognize it’s there and that’s when it can hurt.

The lyrics illustrates this by singing I know, it's not deep but it can hurt like a papercut / It all started as a flirt / Then the paper cut / No, it can't really break your heart / You won't fall apart / You just need another start / Get another part . . . You just don't know what it's like until you've felt / That little something sad / That's slicing right across your heart

“Papercut” is not overcrowded with FX, and plays along like a ditty revealing a not-too-serious storyline, but it is overtly realistic and professionally produced.  Once again, Ghostly Beard excites us with his mellow, chilled-out, vocal register and gives us fantastic guitar technique.  The un-fused outro at the three minutes and six seconds mark is just great. Ghostly Beard opted for the music to end as if an electric plug was pulled and the power went out.  

I enjoy Ghostly Beard’s sensory box type of artistry where on the surface it seems so simple but really reflects a deeper meaning. 

Anxiously awaiting to see what else the artist develops this year!

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Thanks G - I cannot wait to hear more, and more, and more.
Thanks for the thoughtful review, again, KiKi! You have a way with words and a deep connection with music that is always a treat to read. Makes me want to hear the song! :D And you can bet that the next one will be different again! ;-)

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