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Giuseppe Brai - “Elena”

Giuseppe Brai - “Elena” (Italy)

In a world where commercial radio is flooded with songs written about sex, money, lust, and parties, we are in dire need of a track that just simply expresses LOVE!  

A nod to the early balladeers like Julio Iglesias, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, etc., Giuseppe Brai’s recent track entitled “Elena” is a song about all the good stuff that dreams are made of:  affection, passion, and undying love.   Written about his life’s muse Elena, the track ebbs and flows with longing melodies and factual lyrics matched with a vocal that is just as authentic.  

Everyone who knows me knows that I love two things:  shoes and MUSIC. So when I stumble across a distinctive find in either case – I got to have it!  I am so glad I found this rare gem of music hidden in Italy that I wanted to share it with you. 

Commercially ready for the globe, the music of Giuseppe Brai is so definitive that it grabs at those who can acquire a taste for class.  His unique vocal elegance and amorous musical style dances well with his writing. 

With a nod to Brai’s song cover wording, it is true, “Dreams don't expire like credit cards.” 

http://www.giuseppebrai.com @joebraimusic


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