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Music Reviews

Miranda Arieh “Ferine"


Music that puts the world of music on the opposite side of its axis!


Velvet & Stone (self titled EP)


Music that reaches further!


Chris Watkins / Drunk Poets “The Ribbon and the Rope"


Songs that virtually lead to roads less traveled!


Ghostly Beard “It’s A Hurt” (R&B/Rock) Montreal, Canada


A defining song about love's complexities!


Lucy Booth “Melancholy Blue"


Lyrics that tie together tangible and intangible themes!


Owen Denvir “Ghost” (ElectroPop) Belfast


Euphoric and Demanding!


Jayna Jennings “Courtyards & Aviaries Pt. 2"


Goldilocks zone within music!


Ashes For Dreams "Cut You Loose" EP


The Sum of TWO talents!


The Silver Lake Chorus “Not Not” Los Angeles, CA (USA)


Music that epitomizes strength in NUMBERS!


Tough on Fridays "Self Diagnosis" EP


Music that DEMANDS your attention!


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