Klef Notes

Music Reviews

“Guadalupe River” Todd Barrow (Country/Rock) Texas, USA


A music thirst quencher!


Bill Magill “Last Night at the Ha-Ra” – a Rock drama


A highlighted form of music magic!


“Noirstar” (Dark City Edition) Tobitronics featuring Fans of Jimmy Century UK/USA


A collaborative success that will bring us on into 2019!



Ryan Fox “On the Run” Alternative Rock (Kent)


A song about a fugitive has never been so exciting and welcoming!


Lucy, Racquel and Me “Where the Moon Never Sets”


A perfectly thought-out, creative, well-produced piece of music!


Thorns Inside “1 Lane Hwy”


This EP is seasoned and funky with a whole lot of metal! 


Ivory Tower Project “How Much More”


A band that keeps the candle burning at both ends for the Power Rock icons of the past!


Old Vinyl Club “Homemade Recordings" EP


An Indie Music duo from Malaga Spain!


Kings and Castles “Daydream” (Rock) UK


A Rock single that is sure to get you falling into Autumn the right way – BLISSFULLY!!


Barbara Borgelin “I Need More of You” (Soft-Rock) Denmark


That this song ‘had me at one riff!


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