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The Million Reasons “Battle of Sound” (Rock) Chicago, Illinois USA


A modern Rock-Pop track that has some Soulful elements and a lot of heat!


Jambrains "Faded Dreams"


An EP that invites change!


Tracy Colletto “Patmos” (Folk Pop) USA


Reawakening the senses!


Ghostly Beard “Wasted and Thrown” (Classic rock / Blues Rock waltz) Montreal, Canada


An adaptable artist!


No Fixed idENTITY “123 Come Play with Me” (Leeds, UK)


That curiosity, inquisition, and wonder!


Barbara Borgelin “This is the Moment” (Soft-Rock / Soul) Denmark


Worth its “weight” in gold!


The Real Ink “Boi” (Funk, Punk, Rock, and Ska) Manchester


Leaves you hanging, then picks you back up again!


Sunflower Thieves “Two Halves” (Folk-Pop) UK


Places the human-touch back into Modern Folk-Pop music!


MoonDreams Music “Tropical Breeze” (Ambient Pop) USA


A wonderful production!


Verity White “Fade Away - Ian's Song” (Rock) UK


“Fade Away” connects us all!


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