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Music Reviews

Izzy Thomas “Trouble (Pull That Trigger)” Rock N Roll (London)


A song that has I AM WORTH IT written all over it!


Fiona Grey “Girls Like Me” (Pop) California/USA


“Girls Like Me” deserves a standing ovation!


Ashley Woodruff “Somewhere in There” (Alt. Pop) Sudbury, Ontario


A real-world song that resonates with everyone!


Jennifer Mlott “Before I Cry” (Country-Pop) Indiana/USA


Story telling done perfectly Country-Pop!


The Wag "We Carry On"


Music that places a PAUSE on the new-normal!


Verity White "Reclaim; Set Fire"


To ignore this album would be inexcusable!


Kingsley “Without You – Yoswayy Remix” Indie Pop (Oregon, USA)


A song that is weighty without being heavy!


Becky Bowe “You and Your World” (Pop/Soul) North Yorkshire


A soulful artist who vocally flutters like a butterfly!


DOMI “Let Me Follow” (Norwegian Pop, British EDM) Europe


A band with an evanescent percussive sound!


The Gear – “There’s A Place” and “Secret that Lies Behind” UK


Ever-evolving music!


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