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GJART & Deggsy “Nightbirds” (Electro Glam Synth)


“Nightbirds” was made for the night and the spotlight!


Jerry Hull "Strange Afternoons"


The Mozart of the Millennium is back! 


Katie Ellen “Yours” Pop (UK)


One of Indie Music’s favorite artists!


CuriousHour “Yield” – London, England (Rock / Soul)


Who’s bringing the noise? 


Collateral “Midnight Queen” (Country Rock) UK


Rock Music puts the metal to the blood!


Pierre Laurendeau's "A Friendly Call from Outer Space"


What we have here is a fully sourced package of ah-some Electronic Instrumental music!


Jenn DeSantis “Someone Else” – Pennsylvania (ROCK)


Vibe with lyrics that spell out emotions!


Jon Magnusson "Always A Rebel"


The Avant-Garde of the Indie Music realm!


Mosaics: “Vices” (Electronic Rock / San Francisco, CA)


Mosaics is quickly becoming a Rock band that has no equal! 



Ghostly Beard "Inward"


An artist who has redefined music!


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