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Jon Magnusson "Acoustic Dreams"


A personification of the Avant-Garde in Indie Music!


Austin Colon "The Path Ahead"


This is Progressive-Alternative music done right!


PERK “Something’s Gotta Give” Pop Rock (Finland)


Something has got to give for the power coming off the tracks of PERK to be felt!


Bianca Gerald “#GoddessMode” R&B (Leeds, UK)


Coming out of Leeds is a force to be reckoned with ...


Skylights: “YRA” (Indie Rock) UK


It is your Father’s Rock music kissed with 2018 aggressiveness!


Kings & Castles "Numbers"


Kings & Castles have plenty to say!


M.I. “Euphoria” – feat. Akin (Alternative R&B) UK


A difference that demands EYES!


Liv Hudson “The 9:30 Club (Sorry)” Alternative (Maryland/USA)


A wildflower with strong passionate roots!


Loux “Cool” (Alternative Pop) UK


Get the sensation of CHILL!


Verity White “Own Me” (Heavy Metal Rock) UK


Verity’s vocal presence is visual and strong!


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