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Daniel Fogel: “Stick Your Nose In” (Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel)


A well-crafted off the cuff, raw, and realistic song! 


Devio & Brivido: "Niente di Particolare” (Nothing in Particular) – UK/Italy


If every music note were a different color, then this track is full bloom rainbow! 


Parmy Dhillon “Friend or Foe” – Melbourne


Dhillon has hit pay dirt with this commercially-ready track!


Collegians: Black Mass (Melbourne)


Peeps, get ready for a musical spinal tap!


Elephant State: I Presidenti (The Presidents) UK/Italy


Keep up with the heard!


Giuseppe Brai - “Elena”


A nod to the early balladeers ...


Rory Gillanders - "Tomorrow Means Nothin'"


Tomorrow means nothin’, if . . . .


Gentlemen of Rock 'N' Roll - "Rock and Troll"


One of the bricks beginning to rebuild classic Rock and Roll ...


Jayna Jennings’ “Courtyards & Aviaries Part 1”


Jayna is Independent Music’s answer to Taylor Swift but better!


James Bakian's "Unstoppable" (single)


A a force to be reckoned with and one to watch!


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