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Monti "This is For You"


A collection of songs that has that wild at heart persona!


Russell Craig "Call Me the Rain"


A small collection of songs from an artist whose music literally enlightens any mood!


Ghostly Beard’s “Tell Me” (Soft Pop Rock) Montreal, Canada


A Soft Pop Rock track that just italicizes your life by making you chillout and focus!


Katie Ellen “Dear You” (Country Folk) UK


A cathartic prescription for grief!


Velvet & Stone “By the Water” (Folk-Americana) Devon, UK


A Folk-Americana vibe that beacons summertime!


James B “Reality TV Star” (Rock) Great Britain


Finally a Rock Star who does not glorify the fake world of reality TV!


Muriel & Blazquez “Moonbeam” (Pop/Classical) Leeds, England


A storyline that resonates globally!


Lucy, Racquel and Me “Melancholy Fraise”


A collection of Folk music that it shaken, not bruised, by Modern Pop elements!


UON “Exit” (Electronic Post-Rock) Melbourne


An electronic Post-Rock song that is perfectly alchemized!


Guy Paul Thibault “The Road Between”


Romantically rough, rugged, and raw Country Rock!


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