Klef Notes

Music Reviews

Barbara Borgelin “This is the Moment” (Soft-Rock / Soul) Denmark


Worth its “weight” in gold!


The Real Ink “Boi” (Funk, Punk, Rock, and Ska) Manchester


Leaves you hanging, then picks you back up again!


Sunflower Thieves “Two Halves” (Folk-Pop) UK


Places the human-touch back into Modern Folk-Pop music!


MoonDreams Music “Tropical Breeze” (Ambient Pop) USA


A wonderful production!


Verity White “Fade Away - Ian's Song” (Rock) UK


“Fade Away” connects us all!


Hans and Danise "Prologue"


It all feels natural!



Peter Kleinhans "Something’s Not Right"


He follows the pattern of artists who write “No Rules Music” 


Bianca Gerald "Feelings"


Ladies and gentlemen meet Bianca Gerald!


Cynthia Brando "The Treehouse Trio Sessions"


Elements of Folk and a bit of Alternative!


Big Bus Dreams “Jesters of Xmas Town”


When complex ideas become less rigid and less weighty!


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