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Jon Magnusson "Always A Rebel"


The Avant-Garde of the Indie Music realm!


Mosaics: “Vices” (Electronic Rock / San Francisco, CA)


Mosaics is quickly becoming a Rock band that has no equal! 



Ghostly Beard "Inward"


An artist who has redefined music!


Zialand: “Shelter” Oslo, Norway (Cinematic Soul Pop)


How real deep-love can be the shelter to heal the most broken!


James Bakian “The Singles 2018” (London, England)


Fresh off the reel-to-reel comes some of Bakian’s most recent work to which I have entitled “The Singles 2018!”  


Oh Tambo: “Loophole” Stockholm Sweden (Soulful Rock)


Oh Tambo makes it rain on their recent track “Loophole!” 


GJART: “Lost” (Tobi Remix) UK


Sure to pump electrolysis through your veins! 


Salt Valley - Indie Alternative (Utah)


GQ look paired with that boy around the way flair!


Wally Hite Rankin: "The River" Melbourne Australia


I would like to introduce you to Wally Hite Rankin!


Walter Hansen - The Compilation Review!


A solo versatile sound machine!


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