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The Gear – “There’s A Place” and “Secret that Lies Behind” UK

The Gear is back with two new tracks that simply overrides monotony – “There’s A Place” and “Secret that Lies Behind.” 

There's A Place

“There’s A Place” is a rebellious, unapologetic track that lyrically illustrates the human need to be free in their own space.  The song starts a bit stripped-down and then quickly gains momentum.  The lyrics sing, “all the trees turn from green to red inside my head / I don’t be who you want me to be.”  The track features a mood-setting blend of resonant guitars, hi-hats, and vocals kissed with the right vocal effect to give off that upside-down space feeling.  We are met with an ah-some bridge at the three minutes / 16 seconds point with guitars and drums demonstrating a cool tantrum foot-stomping effect which suits this track perfectly.  The track ends with a jam session!

Secret that Lies Behind 

“Secret that Lies Behind” is a tripped-out track that gives us a kind of a 1960’s meets 2019 sound with its fresh take on Psychedelic Rock spliced with a modern drumline.  The front man sings in a chilled-out register lyrically depicting all the questions that come out to play within a relationship.  Filled with layers upon layers of music texture, the track starts out in your face, then mellows out, and then slaps you again.  So, if you like it rough, then this one's for you! 

The Gear is a band to watch – these guys’ songwriting and musicianship gives proof of a band that can keep up with the ever-evolving trends of Rock music.




A great review of two really good songs, thank you for all your hard work on this. I agree they are a band to watch, working real lot hard on their sound.

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