Noble1BOF - Song Review "No Games" (feat. Carla)

Just in time for your Summer 22 music list, comes a blended Hip Hop track that gives Hip Hop connoisseurs that hard core flex that they live for but also delivers wonderful songwriting that is descriptive and reflective, it’s called…

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Interview - Red Shakes w/ KiKi of Klef Notes

Ahead of what may be one of the hottest summers for Indie Music, Klef Notes got the opportunity to speak to an artist who is heating up the musical atmosphere with guitar-driven music, unapologetic lyrics, and magnetic performances – his…

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Pattern Pusher - Song Review "Holding On"

Fresh off the presses!!  A song that will bring the optimism – it’s called “Holding On.” Audience, I have been grooving to this for a minute, and I cannot let this alone; I had to share this with you.  “…

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Interview - Elles Bailey w/ KiKi of Klef Notes

Many journalists, after hearing the music of different artist, like to say, “they are the next BLANK.”  The artist that I am about to interview is not the next anything; she’s the FIRST one, the ONLY – she’s what others…

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Jayna Jennings - Song Review "Garden of Eden"

A genuine sign of an artist is their ability to evolve with their emotions and execute those emotions from paper to vinyl with good results.  The latest record by Country Pop singer/songwriter/musician, Jayna Jennings, is a classic example of a…

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Yana - Song Review "Reach Out"

Czech Republic Indie Classic Folk singer/songwriter, Yana, has just released a new single entitled “Reach Out.” This song is the first single off of her soon-to-be released album Journey of the Soul.  “Reach Out” is nothing short of MOVING…

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Jambrains' Album Review

The Road Less Taken

It is no secret that the music industry has been hit with a big boom of reality.  Musicians, singers, managers, label, journalists, and all within this huge industry had to adapt with the changing of times…

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Pamela Sue Mann - Song Review "Ouch"

I was introduced to New York singer/songwriter Pamela Sue Mann by a friend.  And I can honestly say that she is a force to be reckoned with in the Modern Pop-Avant Garde environment.  Her latest release “Ouch” is…

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Dust In The Sunlight Song Review - BLUEPRINTS

Listen to this track’s introduction, and then continue reading on!! 

What did you hear?  What did those lyrics and those surreal lyrical executions bring to your mind?  

No matter the answer – I know you were transported or trapped to…

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Jack Francis Song Review

"Wild Eyes"

Something happens to the heart and soul when you put on a clip and the arrangement just makes sense.  Honestly, not since the music of Bob Seger has that realistic, soulful, approach been given to music.  Yet, I…

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Fuzzy Jones Song Review

"She Is Matador"

I want to introduce my readers to a songwriter with something to say – she’s Fuzzy Jones – hear her roar, or shall I say, see her slam things into being.  This awesome Indie singer, songwriter, musician…

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