REVIEW: Enrique Iglesias FINAL Vol. 2

FINAL, Vol. 2 was released on March 29th.  I wanted to give my readers six weeks to settle into the Spring / Summer 24 music scene before I published my review of Enrique Iglesias’ highly anticipated, LAST, studio album.  


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Album Review: Jambrains' LAND OF THE WEARY

When have you put on an album in today’s world of music, in 2023, and you were speechless? Completely moved or totally frozen by emotions in your mind that were asleep?  For me, it’s been a minute.  In comes Swedish…

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Yana - Song Review "The Traveller"

It all starts with a piano ….

The “The Traveller” is a song by Czech Republic singer/songwriter Yana.  Featuring Maurice Culligan (from the Irish band Interference), “The Traveller” (‘s) storyline is an homage to Fergus O'Farrell, the late front man…

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SJ Mortimer's "Hear Me Lover" (song review)

It’s been a long time since I have heard an artist really use their vocals to define a moment and clearly get the emotional aspect of the song’s message across to their listeners – finally, I heard it with SJ…

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REPOST - Trinity Bliss' "California Bliss"

"California Sun" is a song by American singer-songwriter, musician, actress Trinity Bliss that features an amazing guitar melody that musically threads the entire piece as well as a refreshing vocal - a vocal that is addicting. 

The lyrics are a…

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Lola Huckel's "Out of Touch" (song review)

A great song can say what needs to be said without apology.  A skilled songwriter can break a heart, heal a sorrowed soul, or even celebrate a victory all with a great lyric.  In the current industry, there are few…

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Krissy Matthews - Song Review "Carry You"

“Carry You” is a Rock song by singer, songwriter, musician, Krissy Matthews, and it is 4 minutes of amazing music – in short, this is not your typical everyday lament.  A single off of his album Pizza Man Blues,…

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