Sunset Blush - “Perfect Universe” and Sweet Barbwire”

A review of singles “Perfect Universe” and Sweet Barbwire” 

In short, let me just say this – in a perfect world Sunset Blush, Jimmy Page, Tom Petty, and Prince would all jam and rock out on the main stage with purple lights blazing as they are equally majestic on the guitar wielding that instrument to their demand.  But for now, take a minute and close your eyes and open your ears and just listen to the opening bars of “Perfect Universe” by Sunset Blush – his vocals are almost musical as they evoke your senses. 

Blush’s track “Perfect Universe” displays love lost and how perfection is in the eye of the one judging, and anything or everything they see as perfect makes it perfect.  Even a memory could be perfect!  Blush’s skills on the strings (guitars and keys) are just magnificent – so overpowering yet fragile accompanying this track’s message PERFECTLY. 

Equally, his video for that track splendidly personifies what a perfect universe would be like – no prejudice, no cruelty, no straight lines, no set colors, just beauty in any form you can imagine.  And Sharon from Melbourne Ballet Company illustrates this balance of perfection from her opening Plie.  Sharon is like the swan who came to inspire Blush with the PERFECT display of fluttering arms and wrists as well as the poised elegant Bourre – she’s his memory of a love he holds dear and also his muse.  

To watch the video for “Perfect Universe” go to

Now, “Sweet Barbwire” is a whole other track – where “Perfect Universe” mellows out your soul, “Sweet Barbwire” ignites your desire!  

Ripped with blaring guitars, heart throbbing percussions, and Sunset Blush’s passionate vocals, this cut is the ride or die track of the EP.  Rockers will vibe to this Zeppelin-esque 4-minute track and place it on repeat to become the soundtrack to their late nights and early dawn moments.  You are flying high and then the music drops and you are instantly engaged with a guitar genius!  The hooks, the riffs, the strokes all will tame and tone your dreams! 

Sunset Blush is a Rock Soul singer, songwriter, musician who has been gigging his way through Australia since the late 1990s and now he has made it to our hearts.    Both “Perfect Universe” and “Sweet Barbwire” are singles on his new EP entitled “Velvet Highway” available on iTunes now.  Go to to purchase your copy today!