An Anthem for the caged! Sophia Bella’s “RIOT”

When you are stopped in your tracks physically or mentally and forced to just settle, it may cause an internal war as so many emotions and thoughts become caged with no outlet. This is what many within society have had to wrestle with in the past months due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.  With music being the far-reaching medicine for the masses, New York-based singer, songwriter, dancer Sophia Bella has teamed up with Graham Gilmore to create an expressive song that shows you are not alone!   

“Riot” is an Alternative Pop track that opens like a black velvet-sealed letter and then explodes with magnetic synths and a bassline that rides low.  The lyrical premise is about how feeling caged, or trapped, can become nerve-wrecking and can either drive one to madness, or push one into action.  The violins circle Bella’s ethereal vocals and adds an element of surprise.   

Bella’s powerful lead range marries well with subtle, phased-back somewhat eerie chorus instrumentation giving the track a boundless effect with a virtual pop-and-lock rhythm.   

Cerebral in its interpretation, the official video fully illustrates the song and gives a deeper view into this disturbance.  In the video, a bedroom personifies the mental state of the protagonist with Bella singing “my mind grows emptier while my room is full.”  A dark setting with a light-colored wardrobe, colorful curtains, a messy bed, with Bella in night clothes wearing minimal makeup and bedhead, further explores this quiet chaos that is “Riot.”  


Rarely does a message of being captive give such empowerment, but Bella shows the phoenix in her production by elongating her leads and including vocal pauses giving a sense of urgency with hope.  Clearly, by the end of the track, one is left knowing she is going to get over this bump.  

Writing a song with a sort of reckless yet cautious vibe gives such substance and clearly marks Sophia Bella as an artist to watch.   

Sophia Bella is currently writing new material, so make sure to keep up with her so you do not miss anything coming from this rising star.