AVA Song Review

"Wild Flowers"


Wild Flowers” is a song written and recorded by Irish Contemporary singer/songwriter AVA.  Released today, “Wild Flowers” is a musical narrative about time. 

The song opens with subtle Gaelic instrumentation blended with modern synth, harps, piano, and percussion.   Still, the track is so textured with enchanting melodies and polished production that it needs no extra FX.  A nice controlled tempo keeps the song infectious.  The vocal bridge is so connective!! 

AVA possesses a voice that can only be defined as illustrious and bright.  Her Contralto is warm, and the rich tones of her voice are emotive. She effortlessly switches between different parts of her range to fully drive home the emotion of the song’s theme. The backing vocals adds a majestic layer.  “Wild Flowers” is executed with passionate power which illustrates the grandeur of being untamed.  

Lyrically, the song illustrates how time is fleeting but can still be contained by delicately respecting change, but since songwriting is like art in that it is to be interpreted by the listener, “Wild Flowers” may also suggest remaining resilient through time.  The lyrics convey this point of view.  

Unlike planted flowers that are seeded by humans in baskets and gardens, wild flowers are unintentionally planted and do not need the human touch – to be like a wild flower could mean to allow time and nature to plant you where you are best suited, and to keep the innocence of soul and unbiasedness of a child which blossoms resilience. 

As a songwriter and a singer, AVA can infer songs in an illustrative manner more so than the typical singer – and that is her connection to the music and her fans.  The entire production visually creates a storyboard in which the listener can connect the dots and see realism through the lens of creativity. 

In three minutes and 15 seconds, AVA brings the listener back to peace during a time of chaos.  “Wild Flowers” is that magical footnote added to the narrative of living.