Becky Bowe “Getting Older”

The new release I am introducing to you today is brought to you from an artist who is not one to backdown from mixing together solid melodies, convincing vocals, and intrinsic instrumentation like a physicist in a lab.  The byproduct of such a complex mix is “Getting Older” – a mid-tempo R&B/Pop song with elements of Soul showcased in a rich backbeat and bass-heavy bottom.  Becky Bowe is the artist behind the creation of “Getting Older.”  This ballad lyrically questions and answers the reason behind the changes in life and within relationships that come about naturally without awareness. 

This track is a perfect example of how when you do songwriting and music correctly, the less is more adage ROCKS!  With a minimalist approach, Bowe displays a delicate vocal prowess, but it is not vulnerable as her register is passionately strong as if it can cut through glass, while her trills are like honey.  The backing vocals feature unison notes that switch into slight harmonies that play between Bowe’s powerful lead and then ignite into fantastic highlights within the hook – much like the way a disco ball accentuates a dark room – splendid! 

The instruments featured on this track:  acoustic guitars, simple synths, keys, soft percussions, and heavy bass drums are emphasized very well without the overuse of FX.  Considering there are some FX with slight reverb, etc., “Getting Older” has a strong core melody with a nice R&B two-step swag that is so infectious. 

This song is the song that will get you out of that COVID-19 funk and will be a great musical complement from spring on into the summer with its quiet romance meets summer block party vibe – even if it is played on repeat while sheltering-in-place, in the car, or over loud speakers, it is sure to be THAT song that everyone talks about and loves. 

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