Dark Smoke Signal “The Big Stage” – Art Rock/SynthWave/SynthPop (Bristol)

Ahhh!  The wonderful, hypnotic, energy that comes from an outstanding Alternative Pop track.  When Pop is set within the "Alternative" space, it becomes a whole other form of music - it can be more Rock, Soul, Synth, or even a bit of Country.  That mystery makes it thrilling and seducing, and it is what made those "different" Pop cult classics like “Eyes Without A Face” (Idol), “Hazy Shades of Winter” (The Bangles), and “Take on Me” (A-ha) so infectious and chart-toppers back in the 1980s.  

Today, there are still artists pushing out songs that harken those listen-worthy days of Pop music.  One such artist comes out of Bristol, England and his name is Dark Smoke Signal (producer Alex Pope).  His moniker is so fitting because his music truly does SIGNAL a time when music was MUSIC and it modernly excites the Synth senses in true music aficionados. 

Dark Smoke Signal’s latest cut is “The Big Stage” – a genre fused track that encompasses elements of Art Rock, SynthWave, and SynthPop.  The drama of the music is heard in the Art Rock with its Avant Garde classical chord progressions.  SynthWave adds the action with its bright synths building layers in the hook.  And finally, the SynthPop elements:  the virtual instruments, including synthesizers and drum patterns, being the meat of the melody.  This entire musical marriage supports Dark Smoke Signal’s breathy voice. 

The overall tone of the piece is playful and electronically crystal in its production.  This track moves at a quick pace but you never get lost while the infectious hook keeps you holding on.  And, like Synth tracks from the 80s, the song builds and adds an element of surprise around every musical corner.  

The storyline is about the challenges faced by many youths who are at the cusp of being the most talented and how there is promise in being successful.  The way the choruses climb with the instrumentation parallel to it makes for a hit.  It is like Dark Smoke Signal is building a bridge of positivity using music, FX, and euphoric vocals as his only tools – it works on so many levels – being encouraging and anthemic in its approach.  “Can you see my name in neon lights?” – what an inspiring message! 

Here’s an artist who respects and supports original music and the youth who will soon be new creators of this wonderful craft called MUSIC.  All proceeds from the sale of this single goes to www.youthmusic.org.uk – individuals who invest in youth music projects.  To get your copy, go to: https://darksmokesignal.com/store/.   

And, keep up with Dark Smoke Signal on his social media platforms as there will be more to come!





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