DAVI "You Got Me Wantin You" EP

DAVI is a singer/songwriter/musician who is anything but boring.  His latest EP, “You Got Me Wantin You,” is a capsule EP with only three tracks that packs a big PUNCH!!  The music contained within this miniature eclectic concert can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.  Each track was composed and produced with a clear-cut, no-frills, honest, artistic, approach.  Honestly, there is something for everyone right here. 

So, I wanted to share the music of this talented brother with my readers and I invite you to add it to your music library.  Let’s jump right into this review by starting with the title track “You Got Me Wantin You.” 

You Got Me Wantin You” is a heavily synthed Pop Alternative track with Post-Punk notes.  Those strict guitars blended with a driving drumline, a minimally FX treated dry vocal, and frenetic melody brings spontaneity to this EP.  Every element adds anticipation to the ear in the very same way that longing for passion does for the human condition.

Now if you are in a New Jack Swing type of mood, then put “Rumor Is” on blast and repeat.  A nice spin on the colloquial saying “the word on the street is,” this track tells the story of a man vying for the truth from his lover.  This Contemporary R&B cut is superb in its smoky vocal execution and in your face emotion.  The nostalgic hand claps, electric violins, bass guitar, and “talk-box” vocal effect adds some Electro-Funk and just makes it ear-candy.

And the EP closes with the seductive “Till Then” that features a female vocalist adlibbing to add sugar to DAVI’s spice.  This Pop-Soul track sews up the EP wonderfully by quieting the roar of the previous tracks and allowing the listener to simmer a bit before they replay the entire EP.  The storyline is about waiting for the right opportunity to show the one you love just how much they really mean to you.  It is passionately sung by DAVI and the accompanying music quietly plays along with the scene.  This is a fairytale put to music.

In finding his own path to creativity, DAVI’s starting point was much like many Indie artists – doing what you do best for others, finding your own calling card, tapping into your secret talent, getting that push to display that talent from the right person, and then discovering and conquering YOUR arena.  It takes time, effort, and hard work, but it pays off. 

DAVI started his career by writing songs for local and national artists, then he transitioned into writing and producing for himself, and now he has become a mainstay performing songwriter on Internet and Independent radio in the USA, Canada, and the UK.  In addition, he has signed with Mondotunes label an extension of Universal Music.  DAVI is proof that dreams do come true with hard work.  

So, if a sketched drawing was able to be placed next to the term “creativity,” DAVI’s cover art would suffice as it represents what “creativity” in the world of music stands for:  it is a bit weird, tremendously Avant Garde, a whole lot of interesting originality, and an industrious artist spearheading the entire journey.  

“You Got Me Wantin You” is an escape from the norm that proves that less is more when it comes to truly creating your own piece of art. 

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