Demons of Ruby Mae “This is Your Time”

With today’s music being brought to the listening audience by way of virtual means, it takes talent and pure creativity to get a reaction from the audience.  One such song that is capable of doing just that is “This is Your Time” by Manchester duo Demons of Ruby Mae. 

“This is Your Time” is an outstanding track that changes thoughts into actions!  The lead sings:  take off all your armor and let your love be true cause this is your time, cause this is your time, to be who you were meant to be

This is the live piano version of the duo’s single which presents a stripped-down lyric and instrumentation – just a sole vocal and piano.  So, it is not animated, overloaded with the FX, or generically produced.  While the dark chords of the piano illustrate the reality of the globe’s current existence, the lead vocal tears right through highlighting hope – a great productive juxtaposition.  

In contrast to many songs that gives support of the NHS and all of the heroes during this global pandemic, “This is Your Time” touches on what is NOW and stretches beyond the curve by giving not only  a silver lining, but allowing the listener the chance to THINK and step out of a stagnant stream of consciousness into action-mode.  Lyrically, this track pushes society to explore their surroundings, gear up in order to rise, and muster up the courage to change circumstances or social norms.  

Demons of Ruby Mae’s “This is Your Time” is the closest thing thus far that I have heard to an authentic anthem for the front-line workers and everyone fighting to just exist as who they are meant to be!  “This is Your Time” is pure and brings on the waterworks naturally.

Reposted from Artistic Echoes