Gravity Castle “I’ll Just Be Me” (Alt. Pop) Utah, USA

If you are ready to bop your head to un-filtered dope music, then take a peep at Gravity Castle.

Gravity Castle is an American Pop duo from Utah that is bringing difference and familiarity at the same time to the music industry.  Their latest cut “I’ll Just Be Me” has the chops to not only ride along with Top 40 commercial success but also jump ahead of their competitors on the charts.  Check it out here!

The up-tempo track starts with beautiful soundscapes and feature a message within the music that says it's fine being yourself.  In a world full of followers and mimics, this music-based metaphorical song is so needed and appreciated.  And with a storyline that is so practical that anyone can connect to it, there is no wonder this song is so infectious.  But what makes this song stick like glue is that layered and textured technique that the guys applied to “I’ll Just Be Me.” 

First, the dual vocal that creates a wonderful play on the ears with a lower registered vocal complementing the tenor vocal on the pre-choruses and hook making for a tight vocal experience; then, there’s the leveled guitars, impressive keys, and that alternative-House Music bottom that commands its beat.  And finally, that wonderful syncopated core melody that produces a sort of nursery-rhyme for adults.  So, it’s no secret, “I’ll Just Be Me” is instantly memorable and Gravity Castle is here to stay! 



  • Tracey Arbon
    Tracey Arbon
    Wonderful review Kiki xx

    Wonderful review Kiki xx

  • Lakisha Skinner
    Lakisha Skinner
    Thanks Tracey - I simply love what these guys do so skillfully.

    Thanks Tracey - I simply love what these guys do so skillfully.

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