Iron Mike Norton “Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t My Baby” (Rock-Blues / Hip-Hop) Florida, USA

Forget everything you THINK you know about the song Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t My Baby by Louis Jordan (1943) as Iron Mike Norton has adapted this track to bring the weight of THEN and NOW!  Norton’s rendition of the favored oldie carries a heavy bottom and a nice smoky-room type of demeanor.  The swag of this track is amazing.  Not sacrificing modernity for plays, Iron Mike Norton keeps the track rooted in its Bluesy genre, keeps the traditional attitude of the track in its place, and his raspy baritone pays homage to the original track; however, in remembering that it is 2019, he gives it a breath of present-day and gives the song such soul and substance.  Norton brings these modern attributes to the table by featuring his iconic slide guitar, modern FX, and 808s.  This wonderful slice of old school meets new school is a great R&B, Blues, and Rock track with elements of Hip-Hop and definitely reflects Iron Mike Norton’s title as The King of Swamp Stomp.  Purchase a copy!

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