Johnny Stimson “Vacation” (R&B/Soul) Dallas, Texas USA

Ready for a mood-changer?  Well, take a listen to “Vacation,” the latest track by Johnny Stimson – a singer, songwriter, producer who is making not waves, but tsunamis, when it comes to mixing things up in the world of music.  Unlike his competitors today who blend equal parts music and vocal with the same emotion, tempo, and melody, Stimson does the opposite and keeps everything interesting by incorporating counterpoints within his music –a light vocal to a heavy bass bottom, or a full entourage of weighty backing vocals to a solo guitar.  “Vacation” achieves this difference and makes for a song that is HOT but so COOL.

The song starts with that wonderful in-its-feelings guitar and wave soundscapes.  Enter that hefty bass and that smooth sailing, kiss me clever, vocal, and you are already transported to a whole level of CHILL! 

The lyrical #littlethings on this track just makes it so fantastic with each verse reminding us of what to do to keep things fresh within our relationships as well as life in general, for example:   a minute just to breathe  . . . fly away from here . . . need a vacation . . . leave all our worries back at home . . . sip mimosas in the south of France . . . drift away to never never land . . . take a little break from growing up . . . no reservations  . . . [and] real life can wait on me and you.  Then, the chorus brings it all together and just exemplifies this care-free lifestyle when Stimson sings: “I wanna run away, I wanna run away, run away run away forever, run away with me.”  His Soulful, silky, falsetto will just melt you away on all types of realness. 

Seriously, Stimson just slinks through this track effortlessly, no hiccups or vocal blow-outs, no cracks.  Honestly, he is sweet with that second tenor, just smooth with it.  In addition, his falsetto keeps a constant tempo and resonance that is addictive, and almost meditative.  Not to mention, his vocals never becomes ostentatious, it remains mature and mellow. 

And a wonderful surprise that just makes your emotions soar is that guitar solo that happens at the two minutes / 45 seconds mark. 

Distinguished by his vocal prowess, and notable for his causal YOLO-take on his storylines, Stimson continues to push the bar by penning hits.  “Vacation” is no different. 

One of the best skills that an artist can have is being unpredictable – being able to blur the lines between surrealism and reality when it comes to music and be so cool that they can master it.  And other than Elton John, one such modern artist that has this type of versatility is Johnny Stimson. 

Stimson’s latest track is simply unfiltered and void of the typical Pop fluff.  It has that simplistic, laid-back-swag we so need right now.  With so many miserable moments in life, on the daily, it was righteous to hear a song that uplifts and gets your meandering juices going.“Vacation” captures that euphoric moment of a vacation and bottles it up for us to feel.  It’s a positive song; a song that is bona fide realistic, and I have no problem with that! 

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