Little Mister “Our Days” (House Music) Sheffield, United Kingdom

Are you ready to get up and dance?  Well, okay, let's get right into this!

Guys, I have something for my YOLO readers and then some, it's a fresh new cut called “Our Days” by Little Mister – a House Music band from Sheffield, UK.  And, Little Mister know what they are doing here!  Their video was filmed in its entirety at Teide National Park, Tenerife, and the track’s integral message of living life out loud and to the fullest is established by combining the classic with the modern within House Music. 

It’s like a mutation of classic U2 meets Midnight Oil fused with One Republic’s modern confidence and it works!  

So, guys, when I say I kept this track on repeat when I was introduced to it, I mean, I kept it on repeat – it was that plucking bass, sick six strings vibing, and those sultry, sunny, vocal FX mixed with handclaps that got me started.  Then came those working synths and jump-off-the-bridge anthemic hooks that set it up right. 

Rob Dickinson (front-man/guitarist) made sure to push and pull his vocals to establish a monster jam cut that is sure to climb the charts and get comfy on top.  Moreover, Andy Mills (bass, vocals), Matt Grayling (keyboards, synths), and Emma Smith (percussion, keyboard) made sure to bring the noise – a pleasure trove of danceable instrumentation and backing vocals. 

And perfectly placed, the 2 minutes and 59 seconds mark welcomes the inclusion of Sarah Jay Hawley.  Hawley is a professional vocalist based in Sheffield who is also known for collaborating with Massive Attack on their award-winning album “Mezzanine.”  Hawley’s voice crawls and climbs and adds a nice Soulful vibe to this soon to be cult classic – it’s like the kiss that sealed the envelope. 

“Our Days” is fun, infectious, and funky just like a summer back in 1999.  Make sure to download/purchase your copy on iTunes and keep in touch with the band on their Twitter page.