Loux “Cool” (Alternative Pop) UK

Many bands can blend different genres on a cut and be successful, yeah, it is 2018 and we have seen these multiple times.  But, how many bands can merge the styles of two decades into one track and make a hit?  Loux out of the UK can make it happen, and they did just so on “Cool,” the follow-up single to their 2017 “Meet Me Halfway.” 

Modern etching guitars and hallucinogenic synths are laced with a 1970s bassline and the track is a monster ready to become a mainstay on the charts.  Empowering the track is a frontwoman who has a defining voice that captures the funk of 1970s disco and the punk of today’s Pop music, she layers saucy enunciations with soft harmonies and attitude.  

Produced by Loux’ Chris Milnes, you can connect the dots with the music and every instrument has a forefront and never bleeds into the back, thus giving the cut a strong musical spine.  In turn, the way the ignited guitars, basement-bottom percussions, and shadowy synths were mixed gives texture and permits the realistic premise of the song to be heard.  All of this brings the storyline to life alluding to the ever-present pondering of the “whys” and “what’s” of a relationship. 

Moreover, trailing off the hook’s final lyric “do” is the echoed effect of “ooh-ooh” which is cleaver and sparks that meditative effect of the track.  

The icing on the cake is how the track allows for the music to lead like the music we loved back in the day.  This cut is a nice revisit to a time when songs would be playing, then the vocals paused, the music just spins, and the listeners are just grooving and swaying.  Yeah - “Cool” gives that pause in the music, that wait, so the listener can just mesh with the music and then come back to the vocals.  This technique adds curiosity and keep the audience interested. 

Nothing is rushed or overdone, and the layers are balanced, proof that the entire band has that “chill” factor on point and it crosses over into the music. 

After listening to “Cool” you will also feel the Loux chill factor and crave more, so keep up with the band on Twitter.

Check this out guys.

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