Lucy Booth “Butterfly” (Alt. Pop) Leeds

“Butterfly we’re going to paint the whole world blue,” singer-songwriter Lucy Booth so smoothly sings on “Butterfly,” the first single off of her much-anticipated album “Melancholy Blue” due to release on June 14th

The storyline of the track is sure to become a single-mother anthem as it details the departure of the father of the child as well as the beginnings of the beautiful relationship between mother and baby as conflicted as that may be.  The lyrics sing:  Butterfly, we’re going to paint the whole world blue.  He is gone and it is now just me and you.  And it’s okay to cry, kay to cry.  As we flutter by, flutter by.  Through the emptiness and the meadows of despair.  . . . Don’t get me wrong, I know that he was feeling stressed, and I could have maybe been more patient I confess.  But I just can’t deny, can’t deny, that I can’t justify, justify the way he disappeared, and left his baby in my arms.  He said I’ll hold your hand, I know it wasn’t planned, but it is me and you, we’re gonna make it through.  You spread your wings in May, and he just ran away, I bet you wish that you had stayed in your cocoon

Writing from experience, Booth’s sentiments, she musically reflects on the strength and adaptability of being a single mother.  Her vocals hold a prowess that just envelops the listener and makes you take in her message.  You’re captivated from the intro all the way to the outro.  The vocal tone of the bridge is almost conversational with its pulsed lead and dual harmonic backing - very contemplative.  

In addition, using the metaphor of a butterfly to illustrate how a baby is within the womb (cocoon) and then birthed to explore and evolve into something great was splendid.  And, the modern nursery rhyme composition of “Butterfly’s” melody is enchanting.  Featuring a contrasting uplifting instrumental foundation, laced with the grief-stricken nature of the song’s premise, this melodic footing showcases Booth's songwriting skills as well as that two-sided emotional rollercoaster that new mothers juggle.  

This track gives the right words to the women who do not know how to explain this dream that can sometimes come across as a nightmare. 

“Butterfly” presents all of the insecurities, uncertainties, as well as the hope of being a good mother in verse, melody, and lyric.  Booth’s poignant lyrics, relaxed vocal, and choice of euphoric instruments, places this song right on trend and gives way to an easy climb to the top of the AC charts or Alt. Pop charts. 

No matter the topic, Booth is sure to keep us interested as she builds her stage.

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