NORPHLET “Brand New” (Alternative Rock) Texas/California USA

When a song starts like an anthem, you know you are already set for a righteous awakening brought to you by MUSIC.  NORPHLET’s “Brand New” is the type of music that pulls on every string of your Alternative Rock tapestry.

This ah-some Alternative Rock track comes out of the minds of Cody Brown and Taylor Devorsky aka NORPHLET, a genius outfit based in Waco, TX and Los Angeles, CA. who happen to share a mutual love for real Alternative Rock!  And this duo is not only making it rain with splendid songwriting staying true to the genre, they are also bringing the thunder with layers upon layers of tricked-out guitars, drums that hammer and kick, and lyrics that support a strong storyline. 

And with a storyline about the mystery of death and the realization that we all must face, music with muscle and a vocalist who houses pipes are needed to give the overall aura of this topic its due justice.  And, Norphlet does not disappoint - vocalist Cody Brown dives right in with a sweet vocal crowd-dive. 

Now the music?  What else can be said but, OMG! 

The guitars on this track are so HUGE they need their own zip code – I was like “YAZZZ” a highlight that shines throughout the ENTIRE track. 

Brown’s guitar shuddered riff at the three-minute seven seconds mark is the instrumental stairstep needed to walk the fans on to the outro – it adds texture as it rides with the heavy based-out percussions of Devorsky.  Now, Devorsky’s percussions are streamlined when needed, and they can blow you away at the right time.  Devorsky is a craftsman on the percussions manipulating every variation of that broad instrumental technique.  As the backbone of the entire song, that percussive musical spine is strong and unbreakable.   

Moreover, that bridge with the vocal being nicely touched by some FX is so inviting! 

And to say the song ended on a good note, is limiting the impact of this single, no, this track comes in swinging and closes while layering out the instruments all down to a silent fade – the way Rock songs back in the day would end on the radio, making you beg for more. 

To know that two guys, not an entire band, did this is absolutely a defining point in music.  “Brand New” is complete talent illustrated on all levels. 

If you sleep, eat, breathe, and go rockin haywire over spine tingling guitars, sexy vocals, and pulsating, heart pounding percussions, then you are going to go MAD over this duo called NORPHLET! 

Virtual crowd dive! 

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