PERK “Something’s Gotta Give” Pop Rock (Finland)

Something has got to give for the power coming off the tracks of PERK to be felt, because this Pop Rock duo is delivering muscle and magic with melodies and lyrics that ignite and entertain while quickly becoming a mainstay in the Indie Music realm.  So, make some room! 

I was introduced to PERK by way of producer Toby Davis (the Mixologist of Indie Music).  The duo consists of Anders Borgius (song writer, singer, artist) and Nalle Ahlstedt (song writer, producer, artist).  As a songwriting team, Ahlstedt and Borgius are synonymous for writing songs for artists around the globe (Celine Dion and Clay Aiken to name two), but since joining forces to become performing artists PERK, what they have recently laid in our laps is a soft grenade that is about to explode named “Something’s Gotta Give.” 

This cut releases power to a mid-tempo track like no other track I’ve heard within this genre in recent months, so I must celebrate the production, lyrics, music, and vocals. 

In short:  the track opens mellow and evolves into a power ballad that whips synths into formation, grips brash guitars, and unleashes backing vocals that fill up your ears – nothing’s in the red guys – just layers upon layers of surgically selected instruments.  The music pulls back some at the three minutes, sixteen seconds mark and the song reaches its outro. 

In depth:  the melodic layers on this cut is nothing short of splendid!  

Featuring a masculine vibe and powerful instrumentation, “Something’s Gotta Give” has a soft ride and heavy bounce which comes from blending classic Pop-Rock into a workable mix of Synth-Pop and Electro-Rock.  

The meaning of the track reflects that phoenix rising approach to life’s knock-outs (i.e. love’s misunderstandings) and how to come up swinging, the lyrics illustrate this theme: “you never cared for who I am / you never cared to see the man / I’m not about to quit again / you just left footprints in the sand / I’m gonna fight now / so watch your back now / something’s gotta give now.”  

A facet that significantly elevates the track’s premise is that Dubstep approach to this Pop-Rock cut – that modern tight syncopated percussive rhythm adds the most instrumental weight to the track.  This technique shows the genius of PERK as writers/producers, because this genre-merge makes the cut stimulatingly-mobile.  It is that footprints in the sand effect, but instead of feet it is boots with heavy soles. 

Moreover, that driving hook features the Electro-Rock inclusion of guitars, violins, piano, plus electronic and traditional drums that pulls you in.  A bonus to the hook are those polyphonic harmonies making for a deep, rich, arena sound while the acoustic guitar licks brings it home.  

Borgius’ rough as nails, but smooth as steel vocals just covers the entire track and crawls into your ears while sinking right into your core.  He knows how to control his sound and let it rip when ready.  He has the vocal texture of Brian Adams combined with Jon Bon Jovi which equals the sum of greater things ya’ll – sex appeal, power, and Rock prowess.  

This track is proof to never underestimate the fusing of elements.  When it is done right, it automatically hits the refresh button in music and produces a hit!  

PERK’s tight grip on mystery, melody, artistry, and reality is displayed on “Something’s Gotta Give” and it is set to be a commercial success on both digital and mainstream charts.  The highlight of Summer 2018! 

“Something’s Gotta Give” dropped yesterday, so no need to wait, check it out NOW!  I cannot WAIT to hear more from PERK!!!!

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