The Gear “TV Screens” Rock (Liverpool, England)

What would happen if four Rockers from Uni got together to make a track?  Well, it would go viral!  And that’s exactly what’s happening for The Gear on their very first track called “TV Screens” – a Billboard-ready Rock song about reality meeting psychosis. 

The Gear consists of four college guys who like Boyz II Men have that collegiate Varsity appeal blended with a contrasting musical sound.  In the case of The Gear, theirs is that explosive Rock music that’ll get you going.  The lineup includes:  Callum Thompson (Vocals & Guitar), Ben Harper (Lead Guitar), Jack Crone (Bass), and Ben Wall (Percussions). 

The classic Rock structure of “TV Screens” does the genre justice with its classic guitar riffs and percussion lines, but it is that modern mutating factor of the track’s melody combined with vocal manipulation and tempo variation that makes it so addicting.  This musical evolution becomes more evident with the mellowed-out bridge at the three minute / 21 seconds mark where the track becomes almost Psychedelic in execution and so welcoming.  Then the track layers itself up to a jam session followed by the hook. 

Moreover, the guitars on this track is nothing short of amazing – the stutters, slides, riffs, scratches, chord progressions, and plucking all etch their way onto your nervous system.  

“TV Screens” have that classic foundation of Rock evolving into a hybrid of Alternative Grunge in the same manner as Nirvana’s "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from their 1991 release “Nevermind.”  In addition, Thompson’s vocal execution is similar to Cobain’s delivery as it has that “I’m here but don’t really care” swagger to its sound which is a great addition to 2018’s roster of new Rock front-men. 

This is the type of music making that establishes artists, and The Gear have a hit on their hands with “TV Screens.”  In short, it’s the type of playing that makes legends in the Rock world. 

The Gear have more musical gear dropping in June, so make sure to keep track of these guys by following them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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