Virgo Son "Set Me Free" EP

“Set Me Free” is a Pop Rock EP by Danish independent music artist Virgo Son.  The album was written, performed, recorded, and produced by Virgo Son.  

This Pop Rock / Bluesy EP has 12 tracks that reflects on the path taken by the most creative of artists when they seek independence from any constraint – even if it is a limitation within themselves: 

  1. Set Me Free 
  2. Line of Lovers 
  3. Unspoken Words of Love
  4. The Good Samaritan
  5. Idols
  6. Words I Wish I’d Said
  7. Rewind the Time
  8. Pain Instead of Love
  9. Story Unspoken
  10. Four Letter
  11. Over Now
  12. I’ve Got A Name

I will interpret the six tracks that significantly describes the journey taken by some artists in order to accept their talents, speak their truths, and express their entire identity with freedom! 

The album opens with the title track which clearly pronounces that need to open up and have a voice and how cathartic that process becomes when it is completed with honesty.  The lyrics sing:   Don’t think I don’t have a voice or a choice / Though I’m not talking so loud / I tend to take it too far wave goodbye / To my own needs / I wonder why I’m not around / Never speaking up for myself / Set me free, I’m stuck in this frame / Let me be, my kindness brings my pain.  Virgo Son has a nice, romantic, hearty, croon to his lead vocals on this track.  Moreover, the harmonies and balanced, yet simple, guitars also enhance that releasing emotion. 

Line of Lovers  has that dual vocal that climbs into a thrice vocal and it is so welcoming.  Line of Lovers is a song about that complex feeling that happens when falling in love is just not the right thing now between the two involved.  The lyrics support’s the track’s theme:  My mind keeps painting the scene / It’s by far the worst I’ve seen / I thought she had no doubt / But saying love wasn’t the right move / Next time maybe next time / So let’s go waiting in the line of lovers.  Virgo Son selected a variation of guitars which gives the track a kind of Rock Blues taste and it works.  The guitar solo at the two minutes and 29 seconds mark is sublime and thrillingly isolated.  I love that wonderful card-to-chest feeling this track gives off which keeps you guessing – is the man reflecting on his regrets of that love, or contemplating his next step in continuing the relationship?  The climbing guitars and the song’s anticipating-build keeps you pierced to the speakers.  

An acoustic guitar is strummed, and in comes layers of fervent guitars, this is how one of my favorite tracks opens up.  It is called Idols – a song that lyrically spells out the reality of society looking to others as idols.  The lyrics sing: Fed up with expectations, promises nobody kept / All we are is a reflection of those we consider perfect / We have no touch with reality, lost our sanity / Close to counting days and nights until we are drowning / Cause we’re following idols who live our dreams / And we’re chasing an arrival to where life ain’t real / Everybody’s running in circles / Chasing their tale, escaping their fail / Willing to sell out / Cause we’re following idols who live our dreams / And we’re chasing an arrival to where life ain’t real.  This honest song shows how we, as a society, chase unrealistic goals and aspirations seen on social media pages and in the lives of other people.  Instead of looking at ourselves, we often look to others for an identity or solution. 

In short, know your value and be who you aspire to be no matter what others are doing – because in the end, it is your thoughts, hopes, and identity that will define you.  Idols fit Marvin Gaye’s statement “If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else;” and, I love the way the song ends with only the music playing in the same fashion as classic songs back in the day.  This should be downloaded ASAP!

Story Unspoken  is a bluesy track about regret:  The scenes repeatedly shows in my head / Story unspoken I still regret.  Featuring an unhurried core guitar melody, Virgo Son’s lead vocal blends well with the minimal instrumentation by having attitude.  In addition, Story Unspoken has a wonderful descending vocal melody in its hook and I love it! 

The tenth track should be played on the biggest speakers available to man so that everyone could hear the full effect of the production!  It is funky, exciting, and fun with a modern melodic tempo married to Dirty South quasi Blues guitars.  Four Letter  has the flavor and vocal FX that is needed for a hit.  The second chorus really brings home the reality of how love is unpredictable, which sings:  Everyday things go round / Words once honoured turn to lies / The love we’re hoping for and all [its] joys / Lose [its] fairytale when called by name / I’ve given four letter words away for free / Sold my smile for less, wanna crucify me

Moreover, Four Letter's hook flows up and down in the same manner that love does your heart and emotions with one day you being up and the other day you possibly being down.  And, what stands out spectacular on this track is the way Virgo Son allows the guitars to take center stage for ONE ah-mazing minute.  You gotta hear this song!  The only thing needed is a shot of whiskey!

Tying up the theme of the album is I’ve Got a Name.  This track lyrically spells out how having a voice and recognizing the roads taken to get to that place of understanding is paramount in living your truth.  I’m liking that middle-of-the-road effect the song has which makes it a REAL tune instead of studio-made adaptation.  This song features Virgo Son singing in a more open register and it is so appealing.  This is the perfect song to close the EP as it is like a public declaration from the artist to the world that THIS IS ME! 

This EP gives the coffeehouse singer the confidence to be the creative artist they know they are and rock out the arenas that they see themselves performing at in their dreams.  “Set Me Free” is an album to vibe to and aspire to produce – an album that is straight from a songwriter/musician’s heart and full of individual tracks that will generate hits. 

The relationship between the singer and the song is in full light on this EP.  Virgo Son gives us interpretive tracks, and his vocal accents create spontaneity.  With the production of the music, it is brilliant how Virgo Son used the minimalist-effect showcasing the honest and real songwriting itself, not only the production and music, which is so rewarding.  

“Set Me Free” also has a nice open-mic feel.  As a songwriter, Virgo Son knows how to write a pure lyric and attach the right instrument to the track to make one believe every word marked in the track.  

So make sure to download your copy today and get a sneak-peak into behind-the-scenes of a TRUE artist who is about to set the world on fire with his uncaged talent. 


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