Rory Gillanders - "Tomorrow Means Nothin'"

There has never been a more sensitive sentence fragment as “Tomorrow means nothin’.” I mean, think of it!  Tomorrow means nothin’, if . . . . 

You do not have someone to share love.

You do not appreciate yesterday.


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Gentlemen of Rock 'N' Roll - "Rock and Troll"

It is no secret that there are many Rock bands who can flaunt LEGEND status, but how many can talk the talk and walk the walk?  How many musical resumes really illustrate this fact?  Few.  And if they are successful…

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James Bakian's "Unstoppable" (single)

James Bakian:  “Unstoppable”

We’ve heard of teen heartthrobs before, but when you have one that is already pushing the prowess of a singer, songwriter, musician, and semi-finalist of the UK Songwriting Contest 2016 from out of the gate, believe me,…

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Jack Kelly's "The Carnival"

One of my favorite pieces of literature is the “Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer – a collection of practical tales told by weary travelers on a spiritual pilgrimage whose encounters satirically show the concealed dishonest, sinful, deeds of those usually…

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Forge the Rubicon - "My Turn" (Single)

Forge the Rubicon: “My Turn”

Do you know the feeling you get when someone says “now close your eyes, take a deep breath, step forward, take that risk?” well that is what “My Turn” evokes musically – that confidence and…

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The Söur Bruthers

There are four things in life that you can bet your last dollar on:  1) you will tell a lie one day in your life; 2) you will fall in love more than once; 3) you will get your heart…

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Verity White - Breaking Out

When I say Rock Music, or Rock Band, or Rock Star, what image(s) immediately comes to mind?  Kravitz, Guns N Roses, Kiss, The Cure, Hendricks, Van Halen, Zeppelin, Bowie? (to name a few)?  

Well, I pretty much figured these would…

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The Million Reasons - The Runaround

Very few artists today topping the mainstream Rock charts really know how to truly ROCK OUT.  I mean ROCK OUT the way Zeppelin, Hendrix, and INXS did in the days of true Rock. 

Modern mainstream Rock bands act like they…

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Ghostly Beard's “Invisible”

Why do we toast by clinking the glass to show affection or appreciation?  Because we want all of our senses to be involved at that moment – we taste the drink, we see the drink, we touch the glass, and…

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Lorne's "Oil and Water" (single)

Lorne: “Oil and Water”

“We were oil and water lying side by side / we did everything we could trying to collide” are the words Lorne so smoothly croons on his second single set to ripple the waters of Pop…

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Jerry Hull's "Celebrate in the Sunshine”

What would you say if I said Mozart had a hand in creating the music that is now labeled Rock N Roll?  You would probably think I have had way too much to drink, unless you are really into musicology…

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