Guy Paul Thibault’s "It’s About Time”

Guy Paul Thibault’s 2017 release entitled “It’s About Time” comes at the right time; because it IS about time we get the opportunity to hear a rich, sultry, baritone vocal on a Rock track. 

I used to think, “where have…

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Craig Anscombe gives US something to believe in!

If Jon Bon Jovi was British and a solo artist, his name would be Craig Anscombe.  And, that around-the-way guy image merged with that Rock sunglass wearing at night demeanour, sets Anscombe apart from his current musical peers.  

A non-classical…

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Captain SIB's Compilation Review

There is a stellar ROCK musical duo coming out of Hamilton, UK and their name is Captain SIB.  They have been making music for nearly 20 years.  Half of the duo is the lyrical and vocal genius and the other…

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Katie Ellen's "These Little Words"

Katie Ellen is a Country Music singer/songwriter hailing from the United Kingdom who is as multifaceted when it comes to music as they come.  

A dual instrumentalist, she is skilled on the guitar and the piano.  Moreover, she exudes a…

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Ancient Highways "Late Bloomers"

Growing up in the 80s, I used to love Steely Dan’s soulful Rock edged tracks that were so mellow and funky – going into high school and college, I missed this type of music, and I so wished this style…

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Glass Hamlet's "#NotYourArt"

An artist may see themselves as always starting from the same palette, the same frame, and may feel as if they are recreating what they did years ago, or days ago, because they muddled painstakingly through the creative process due…

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Ghostly Beard's “Infinite”

Ghostly Beard (Patrick Talbot) is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Montreal Quebec Canada who has a mysterious vibe – let me tell you why!  

Initially, you will assume less until you pull back the cover and find so many…

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Glass Hamlet's "Author's Preface"

Russian born, NYC raised, underground developed!   

A true poet is the author of their own work and they express it two ways – either in writing or performing their art to an audience.

Honestly, it is not new news that…

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Song Review - Jon Vautour's "Monday"

“Monday” by Jon Vautour has an appealing Sunday morning ease to it that pulls at your heart strings.  With a humble vocal, a serenely strummed single guitar, and a beautifully produced video it quietly captures your attention and delivers an…

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Dallas Cosmas’ “The Memory Keys”

When I think of Australia, automatically, three musical memories come to mind:  Oliva Newton-John’s “Xanadu, The Bee Gees’ “Stayin Alive,” and the lyrics by the 1980s “Men at Work” tune “Down Under” that sings – “Do you come…

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