The Silver Lake Chorus “Not Not” Los Angeles, CA (USA)

There really is strength in numbers, and The Silver Lake Chorus (TSLC) is evidence to that statement – with their voices.  I am pretty sure The VOICE creator John de Mol had a sound like this in mind when he created that reality music television show, because when viewers and listeners hear or see the words:  THE VOICE, they expect a sound that vibrates your heart to awaken deadened emotions.  TSLC encompasses the expression of VOICE – a united front with the main purpose of bringing to life the expressionless and the lifeless.

TSLC's latest song “Not Not” serves as an illustration to the above expression as it creatively showcases the power of voice.  "Not Not" uplifts you and serves as a musical catharsis signifying power, self-love, self-acceptance, and the adaptable power of women. 

The way the harmonies and unisons ebb and flow like waves in the sea, “Not Not” places you in chill mode while transversely making you rethink matters within society.  Moreover, the storyline held by rich lyrics helps to change the conversation in your mind – making you more proactive instead of passive.   

The video visually alludes to the above texts featuring a collection of friends from different backgrounds enjoying the company of each other.  

This is what America needs to see and hear right now – something universally accepted, universally needed, and universally felt, and that is LOVE and RESPECT! 



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