Ashley Woodruff “Somewhere in There” (Alt. Pop) Sudbury, Ontario

When I first introduced singer/songwriter Ashley Woodruff to my readers in July of 2018, it quickly became apparent that she was on the cusp of a reigning career in Alternative Pop because of three things:  one, that beautiful contralto vocal prowess that is so addicting (even though her range is expansive).  Two, she always writes and execute real-world songs that resonate with almost every demographic within her audience radius.  And three, the passion she places within each track – you can feel every breath, emotion, truth and/or dare. 

Woodruff’s latest song “Somewhere in There” is a cautionary track that hands us a dose of realistic humanity.  The song opens with gloomy soundscapes and an enveloping threading synth effect that sets up the stage for a song about how numbing reality by hiding from the truth can only produce a future resulting in loss of self.  The lyrics clearly explains this theme:  where are you hiding / can’t seem to find you here / you have to be somewhere in there / though you’re right here / you are a shell of yourself / you’ve changed / are you even aware / I understand / you’re too blind to see / you have turn off this road

I really like how Woodruff allows for the music to take the lead as she follows along – it really does play delivering a hide and seek listening-effect with Woodruff vocally being the music’s shadow.  You really get the sense that she is looking, or better yet, searching as she avidly adapts her vocals to grasp the music’s mood and direction.  For instance, the music comes in suspenseful, and she enters vocally being both robust yet soft.  The music rides low and she follows with smooth vocalizations; the music climbs, and Woodruff scales and adds backing vocal highlights that lifts your spirit.  Even the addition of vocal echoes and some repeating instrumental riffs gives way to the song’s inquisitive listening experience. 

Moreover, this song includes a bridge to give the listener room to breathe and accept the song’s message and ponder.  At the two minutes and 48 seconds mark, the track splits at its bridge presenting us with contralto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano vocal harmonies laced with minimal FX and a moving layered synth soundscape that slowly builds, takes us away, and then brings us back again thus carrying us on to the powerful piano-driven outro. 

This is a song that is worth your attention and worth sharing. 

And if your music voyage takes you to Ontario Canada this spring, make sure to check out Ashley Woodruff performing live at: 

The Townehouse on April 04, 2019 in Sudbury, Ontario at 10:00 pm

Fire House Bar and Grill on April 19, 2019 in Capreol, Ontario at 9:00 pm

Marshall's Bar & Grill on April 20, 2019 in Espanola, Ontario at 10:00 pm

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