Barbara Borgelin “I Need More of You” (Soft-Rock) Denmark

To rephrase a quote from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise said, “you had me at hello,” I would gladly say that this song ‘had me at one riff.”  Yes, that is all it took for me to be hooked.  That opening guitar riff. 

Just listen!

What you just heard is “I Need You More of You” – a modest ballad by Barbara Borgelin – the wonderful Soft-Rock chanteuse who just delivered “This is the Moment” to us.  Borgelin’s latest single features stretched vocalizations and Soft Rock phrasing making it a pleasing intimate track to be shared by lovers and seekers of love. 

Producer and arranger Johnny B C furnished "I Need More of You" with a Modern retro/Doo Wop time signature - a technique that allows a Soft Rock track to crossover into Country, Pop, Jazz, and Doo Wop easily. 

Additionally, Jakob Goldman Jensen’s solo guitar wailing softly towards the outro just mellows you out and fills the mind with imagery of dancehall hand-dancers.  Furthermore, Carsten Pedersen on bass, Jonas Smidt on drums, and Ulrik Lindgren on keys aids this lyrical Cadillac in hugging the streets of music softly. 

And Borgelin’s vocals once again leaves noting left for chance, she flawlessly glides through the track effortlessly displaying angst and anticipation in her delivery. 

To put it plainly, this is a love song where a woman celebrates her need for her lover.  And even though this song will be a great addition to Indie radio station’s rotation on Valentine’s Day, what is perfect about “I Need More of You” is that it has no TREND-borders.  It openly gives of itself organically and traditionally all year long by universally supplying us with romance in the same way that Johnny Mathis’ “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me*” did in 1977.  The world needs this right now!  So, make sure to download your copy here  and keep up with Barbara Borgelin by visiting her social media platforms. 







*originally released by Karen Chandler in 1952 and covered by Mel Carter in 1965.

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