Becky Bowe “That’s How Love Works” R&B/Soul/Blues (UK)

Boy, it has been a minute since a single came across my desk that has that stomping thump of the pure Soul ethos – a cut that overflows with that awesome mix of Soul, R&B, Blues, and some Gospel.  Until now!! 

Let me introduce you to the lovely Becky Bowe, a singer/songwriter from the UK who just reached number nine on the Singer/Songwriter iTunes charts with her newest track “That’s How Love Works” – a gripping, honest, song that describes how love is supposed to work better than any therapist could do in just two minutes. 

This new spin on the classic love song spells out its message simply without using too many modern effects or buildup, it's just practical words and honest emotions combined with a soul-stirring vocal, a great classic R&B bassline, a Soulful rhythm section, Blues vocal progressions, and Gospel harmonies.  

On “That’s How Love Works” we get to hear a realistic artist who is singing and not talking.  Bowe’s natural Soulful vocal register is mellow, sexy, and real.  Her vocals echo an early Aretha Franklin vibe and it climbs while crawling to reach your soul.  It is music that needs to be heard and adored by Soul, R&B, and Blues aficionados. 

I think this track is a teaser to what Bowe will release next, and I cannot wait!  So, here’s a promise, after you listen to this track, you will have to pick up your jaw, because this is the way a song is supposed to be sang to define love and how it is supposed to work, and boy it has been a while. 

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