Becky Bowe “You and Your World” (Pop/Soul) North Yorkshire

Readers, I would like for you take a minute and listen to this!  Doesn’t this track flow smoothly as if music became wine?  That’s Becky Bowe, and the song is called “You and Your World.”

I first introduced you to Becky Bowe in May of 2018 when she just released her debut single “That’s How Love works” – a song that has reached number 9 on the Singer/Songwriter iTunes chart.  So I am glad to hear something else from this talent, a mid-tempo Pop Soul ballad that shapes the heart. 

“You and Your World” is a getting-something-off-the-chest type of song where you can feel the anguish, the honesty, and the realization of accepting change through the lyrics.  Bowe’s singing reflects this emotional journey taken by the character of the song who is allowing themselves to be vulnerable, yet confident enough to learn how to love again – it is as if the character is speaking from their chest – their heart, and it shows rhythmically. 

The quiet organ vibing with the soft percussions and jazz guitars just makes you melt.  In addition, Bowe’s vocal range in “You and Your World” flexes to show her vocal prowess; she scales two and a half octaves and tones it down to reflect control and grace.  She flutters like a butterfly on this track and is smooth as butter.  

American Soul singer-songwriter, model, poet and actress, Jill Scott said that “Soul music is about longevity and reaching and touching people on a human level,” and that is what Bowe has accomplished with her latest track “You and Your World.”  Bowe is articulate enough to bend with the times, but solidly grounded as a singer-songwriter that she never sacrifices the soul of the music, and she keeps the human experience within the story.  

“You and Your World” is admirably soulful and is already climbing its way up the Singer/Songwriter iTunes charts.  Cannot wait to see what’s next! 


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