Colour of the Jungle “Steel Tray” (Alt. Rock) Portsmouth, England

Ready for a song that wears cement shoes?

Steel Tray” is an Alternative Rock track by the ever-confident Garage Rock band Colour of the Jungle and it is built from steel – its infectious hook created by jangly guitars and attitude-laced leads, will leave you grounded.  The raspy prowess of the front-man’s lead is just RIGHT on all types of levels. 

This 5-piece band from the UK sends out all kinds of raw realness as if they are the MEN OF STEEL!

This gritty track proficiently retells the story of getting through the daily grind of life and tosses that idea right-side-up by adding the point of infusing strength or courage by having a strong core. 

To illustrate creatively, Colour of the Jungle shows how when you push through the negatives in life, it is almost like you get a sixth sense in that you are able to connect the dots to see the entire picture and plot your next course.  So metaphorically, you are able to lay your cards down on a “steel tray” verses a “table” as you have that foundation of strength fused in your being from hitting the bricks and getting back up to tell your tale. 

And, the way the front man gives his vocal melody a nonchalant vibe, like, “what’s next or what now?” just places this cut above the others as it gives the song a transparency that just highlights its message.  

That sumptuous bottom solidifies the emotive lyrics, and the jangly guitar gives the track a spine that seriously supports that core melody.  This song is CONCRETE – once it pours into your ears, there is no breaking its schtick - dig it! 

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