Etnostation “Ty swoją drogą” World Music (Poland)

If you are a lover of all things eclectic and globally cultural, then you will definitely dig the sounds of Etnostation – a five-man World Music band who are as diverse as their music.  Incorporating sounds from every continent, Etnostation has music that feature violins, bagpipes, gaita gallega, global percussions, bombarde, accordion, and bass lutes to name a few traditional World Music instruments, but these guys also bring the NOW to their music by way of its arrangement and tempo as well as some keys and synths.  It is an unorthodox blend of sounds that touches the traditionally rooted cultural pride in all of us.  

They recently released three singles that display this type of varied Global music appeal to which Etnostation calls New Trad Music: 

  1. Breton
  2. Gdy Sen Odchodzi
  3. Ty swoją drogą 

I will focus on the final single “Ty swoją drogą” as it wonderfully combines the styles of its forerunners.

“Ty swoją drogą” translates to “Go Your Own Way” in Polish and its title is fitting as it really does set you on your own path.  

An instrumental track, “Ty swoją drogą” gets you going from the intro with that Romani violin riff that sizzles into excitement with the bagpipes, flute, accordion, and percussions.  And let me tell you, that percussion section is ah-some – the drum rolls, that bass drum pounding out the heartbeat of anyone’s global calling, and those fire hot cymbals all signaling the human condition with instruments – a talent of Etnostation. 

In true Pop formation, the drums set the stage for the music and the additional instruments follow suit.  It is wild how these guys can wield these instruments to tell a story without lyrics, and it really does set your heart ablaze and beckons our ancestry – an ancestry that is more shared than some of us even know.  

And then at the two minute four seconds mark the sustained flute draws back, the bridge enters with an aggressive violin and flute dually following each other, and then the music drops to a subdued violin that climbs and explodes back into the hook. 

This is traditional Folk music upgraded with Etnostation allowing for the traditional instruments to play well with modern melody, arrangement, tempo, and style.  In addition, the quick pulse of each instrument is balanced with cultural rhythms – I heard some Asian, African, Celtic, and American influence in this track – or it may be just my mixed heritage of those cultures awakening inside of me because of the music.  In either case, this New Trad Music has energy that’s on point and set to detonate. 

Please take a listen and keep an eye on Etnostation as they are about to bring us more music like this soon. 

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