Freya Roy “22 Movements” (Neo-Soul) Norwich-based

Smooth, light smoky, vocals hug “22 Movements” - the new song by Neo-Soul artist Freya Roy. 

Norwich-based Freya Roy is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer who is a wonderfully modern Neo-Soul artist who is garnering attention from many sources, be it radio, online, and/or print.  

I see Roy as a great combo of  Erykah Badu and Alanis Morissette as she brings an unorthodox approach to Pop-Soul fusing Jazz vocal melodies with R&B rhythms and tempo, combined with a lyrical practicality that is typically showcased by a Pop-Folk artists.  This wonderful blending technique is illustrated on “22 Movements” and makes for an infectious Neo-Soul track. 

Soft percussions and guitars frame this three minutes and 40 seconds track about social acceptance of one’s sexual identity and the public hurdles laid by the rule-makers. The lyrics perfectly spell out the longing for INDEPENDENCE from hiding: 

Today I’m 22 and I’m thinking of you / It’s the best things I do / You say my name / We pretend I’m a friend / We just share the same bed . . . . Today I’m wondering high / the way I show my face in front of your eyes . . . . Take me to the place that I always know in my heart it waits for like a home . . . . Is there anyone around are you on my side I can tell by your eyes Is it what we do at which you are staring? Sorry do you find it, find it offending? See tell me how it feels to be on the other side Where you play right, whatever that’s like Even would you like to see, what is to be me? 

A passionately thrilling command to the beat, as well as that kissing to be clever vocal appeal that Roy uses, highlights an exhilarating openly honest track about accepting your honest identity.    

Moreover, Roy’s sun kissed vocals leaves everything chilled and relaxed in the same manner that a glass of chardonnay does at the end of a busy work day.

Additionally, check out the video below that features dancer/choreographer Salome Pressac beautifully, soulfully, illustrating the fluid movement of a slowly revealed love affair and all of its idiosyncrasies – the highs, lows, twists, turns, stops, short pauses, and ever-evolving affection. 

Pressac splits her moments of dance between an urban outdoor background wearing Urban Chic clothing and an empty loft space wearing a nude leotard and pointe dance shoes.  Demonstrating stamina and skill, her lines are surgically straight while her flexibility is fluid-like with such confidence.  Her choreographed emotionally filled dance personifies the song’s message perfectly. 

Freya Roy will be performing at Clubuniquity in Suffolk on April 26th and at HPBC in Leeds on May 1st.  If you are in the areas, make sure to step in to see this soulful chanteuse.

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