Ghostly Beard’s “Tell Me” (Soft Pop Rock) Montreal, Canada

An artist who refuses to be outlined by a specific genre, Ghostly Beard never listens to genre-specific tracks and write from those templates, instead, he writes from his core and the genre is chosen from an original tapestry.  “Tell Me” is a Soft Pop Rock track that just italicizes your life by making you chillout and focus!

“Tell Me” lyrically describes that moment when we, tired of the chaos in our lives, ask WHY or TELL ME why, TELL ME how, TELL ME when, TELL ME what?  You know?  And sometimes, even just the act of asking makes it all settle into place – letting it out.  The lyrics sing:  The walls are crumbling / All around my world / Is there one thing to be done? / And deep inside, I’m feeling bad at night / I’m searching the light...Now tell me what’s pulling me down / And why were you screaming so loud / Tell me what’s knocking me down / While the world is spinning around.  

The modest percussions, organ, guitars, and minimal FX pushes the song’s message forward.  This track is not plain and simple; it’s progressively uncomplicated and so needed.  “Tell Me” is not a song for a moment, it is a song for a lifetime of moments. 

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