Ghostly Beard “Wasted and Thrown” (Classic rock / Blues Rock waltz) Montreal, Canada

One distinguishing factor within an artist’s repertoire that illustrates their talent is the ability to write songs that suggests and reminds just as much as written songs about bliss and romance.  Ghostly Beard (Patrick Talbot) is one such artist who continues to amaze me, as he is unapologetic in showcasing reality whether it evokes happiness, sadness, or vexation – with this artist, it is all about the music’s interpretation and not the opinions of the masses.  

Ghostly Beard’s recent single “Wasted and Thrown” is such a song that makes you stop and think!  It is somewhat dim in its subject matter, and subtle with its instrumentation, but it will perfectly fit into the lives of its listeners as it is practical in verse and welcoming with its modern Rock-Waltz melody.

“Wasted and Thrown” is a mid-tempo ballad featuring soft percussions, quiet synths, and guitars.  In it, Ghostly Beard describes the conclusion that all humans face, death, and how one considers how they will be remembered.  The lyrics show how all the worries, differences, and similarities in life do not matter in the end – actually, despite one’s attempt to let their achievements trump their failures, often what’s left is things that are either “wasted” or “thrown.”  The lyrics illustrates this theme:  you gotta be kidding me / this is no symphony / and no one will miss what I’ve done / and no matter how, you see / it's all but my life, I feel / that I will have / wasted and thrown / and however I regret / you can say it's kind of late / nobody cares when you're gone.  A contemplating guitar solo sneaks in at the three minutes / six seconds mark. 

Sung in that classic rich dual vocal that separates Ghostly Beard from his competitors, this song will quickly become a string within your musical tapestry – it is mild and stirring at the same time without being stifling with too many FX and fake ideas.  

“Wasted and Thrown” is a great example of good writing by an adaptable artist.  Artists like Ghostly Beard are the ones who live on after the music stops playing because the message continues to recycle. 

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